Ex-stripper who threw jug at rival and called her ‘glass-eyed prostitute’ spared jail

An exotic dancer who called a rival a “glass-eyed prostitute” before scarring her for life after hurling a plastic jug has been spared jail.

Yvonne McDermid, 36, insulted Cheryl Hanrahan, 45, while at the Whistle lap-dancing club in Bournemouth, Dorset, in August 2018.

She then poured a drink over her before the two – who’d both previously worked at the club – became embroiled in a catfight.

McDermid denied causing actual bodily harm to the 45-year-old when she used a plastic jug to strike her on the side of the face.

But Bournemouth Crown Court found her guilty and gave her a 14-month prison sentence suspended for two years so she could stay at home and care for her autistic son.

The incident unravelled as the pair bumped into each other at the Whistle after a bitter falling out.

Miss Hanrahan, who wears a glass eye from a childhood accident, sat down near to McDermid after coming off the dance floor at Wiggle.

The defendant told her to “f**k off” before the ugly brawl erupted.

Miss Hanrahan, who now works as a laser therapist, suffered a facial injury that has left her scarred for life.

Appearing at Bournemouth Crown Court, Judge Robert Pawson slammed McDermid’s behaviour as “disgraceful” and told her she had not shown a “shred of remorse” and had seen herself as the victim.

As McDermid shook her head in the dock, the judge told her she was lucky to avoid being sent straight to prison.

He only agreed to suspend her sentence so she can carry on looking after her son.

Judge Pawson said: “I don’t detect in you a shred of remorse.

“I don’t think for one moment that you are really genuinely sorry for what happened.

“My judgement from the way you conducted yourself at trial is that you see yourself as a bit of a victim – it’s all a bit unfair.

“It is not unfair for a moment.

“You have behaved disgracefully.

“My sense from you is that you really couldn’t care less about the fact you scarred another woman’s face.”

Robert Griffiths, mitigating, had urged the judge to consider the impact that jailing McDermid would have on her son.

He said: “It is not a get out of jail free card having children but the difficulty here is that her son has autism.

“Routine is very important for him.”

McDermid, from Bournemouth, was also placed under a seven month curfew meaning she will not be allowed to leave her home between 8pm and 6am.

Judge Pawson added: “If you re-offend in the next two years your sentence will be activated.

“It won’t be any good coming back then and saying the impact on my son will be X, Y and Z.

“You have a chance. If it has an adverse affect on your son in the future, it will be entirely at your door.”